what banks in Springfield , mo offer Gold Medallion signature notary stamps?

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Answered: What does the KGC stamp on a 14k gold ring with yellow diamond

KGC could be Knights of the Golden Circle. Or Kentucky Grilled Chicken.

Answered: Can a notary sign a document without using a stamp?

It depends upon the jurisdiction. In NY State, this is possible if the notary signs and states their license number, the county in which they are qualified, and the license expiration date. Other states may require an official stamp or seal.

Answered: In florida can a notary marry a relative or family member

My husband sister married us in 1975 and she is a notary

Answered: Is investing in gold a good idea? Which bank offers this service in

Absolutely yes. This is the best time to invest in gold because of China and India's demand in Gold. Download the free manual in this http://buyagoldandsilver.com to learn everything you need to know about investing in gold.

Answered: Which bank offers good interest rates in Singapore?

My father has an account with POSB Bank and they offer good bank interest rates on deposits. Even I’m thinking of opening an account with them for all my banking needs. You can also visit their website and check the latest interest rates they’re offering. Hope it helps!!

Answered: Singapore banks?

So sorry I come here for using "power bank"can not help you
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Notarizing a scanned document

No. The signing person must be physically present in front of a notary. Notarizing a scanned signature is a legal nullity and will render the document invalid.

Notarizing papers in another state, outside of jurisdiction

A NY notary qualified in any county within NY state can notarize a signature anywhere in NY state, but in order to notarize in another state they must be qualified to do so in that state.

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