What are you gonna do? co to znaczy?

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Answered: Do you have any cheating device, I gonna buy some

If you must cheat, you shall fail.

Answered: Another public shooting rampage? When we gonna do ...

Why does the leftist Muslim Atheist poster continue to post under different names? Who does he think he's fooling?

Answered: So Mitch Mcconnell wants to take insurance away from 400,000 constituents

There was never one thing to recommend Obamacare. Now our leftist sore losers are sniveling that leftists are still worthless failures -- and shall be for life.

Answered: MS. Whinfrey... I NEED HELP FINDING A GOOD MAN ...

Hi Reese729, I am sorry to hear of your difficulties and understand how hard it must be for both you and your daughter. However, 'finding a man' is not going to be the solution. Hon, you need to believe that so that you can model that for your daughter. When and if you meet the man who's right for ...

Answered: Please bring on the ÖBAMACARE?

The asshole OP forgets that he drives on subsidized roads, drinks water from a subsidized processing plant, etc. But that's what assholes do.

Answered: Another conservative clown who's gonna be a waste of tax dollars! http

How clever is the leftist Muslim Atheist poster? He has us all believing that all of these posters who post the same and use the same words are different poster. He fools us every time. HA HA HA HA HA HA
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The Right Wing Media are Gonna Lose Their Minds Tomorrow

Ten days past, Pete, we're still sane. Boring leftists still rate the blame. So, let's see who'se is the losing game? Tomorrow, we'll still win the game.

When are dimwit Dems gonna figure out they are hate monger old fools?

The leftist Muslim Atheist poster is one of the far rights brightest. You extremists must be proud. HA HA HA HA HA

I guess it's gonna be another stolen election for ...

GreatBore is already making excuses for the OBUMMER loss. Pathetic.

Who gonna be president in 2012 Bachmann?

No in the last debate she shriveled up her shoulders were attempting to enclose her. She looked small, weak and unpresidential. She is showing weakness on the trail. She is late for speeches and she is making excuses. This country does not have a strong woman with the exception of Hillary who ...