what are vietnamese traditions for newborns?

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Answered: Is it safe for a mother on adderell to breastfeed a newborn?

No...it isn't safe. The effects of Adderall during pregnancy are unknown and therefore should be avoided. Amphetamines such as Adderall are passed into breast milk. Therefore, women who take Adderall should not breastfeed. Tell your doctor immediately if you are pregnant, plan on becoming pregnant ...

Answered: Deviation from tradition

I doubt it.. i wouldnt worry, if you onderit too much then you will affect your future through a process named prophacy. whereby you think about it so much you believe it and then it happens. just do what you like, its your day, you are paying for it you will be fine! congrats

Answered: What foods do Vietnamese people eat on special occasions?

They eat their traditional foods like Bánh ch?ng and bánh d?y: essentially tightly packed sticky rice with meat or bean fillings wrapped in Dong (Phrynium placentarium) leaves. When this leaves is unavailable, banana leaves can be used as a subtitute. Bánh ch?ng (rectangular) and bánh d?y ...

Answered: How soon do we get SSN for newborn?

You don't need to worry about it since you are giving the baby up for adoption. Let the new parents take care of it.

Answered: Advise or tips on hand feeding newborn kittens with a nurser?

Purchase KMR at a petstore and feed every 2-3 hours whatever they will eat. Make sure that every time you feed them you have a warm not wet but damp wash rag that you use to wipe the gential area especially around the anus to stimulate a bowel movement. Do not leave the kitten(s) damp after feeding ...

Answered: Can a newborn get circumsized with a micropenis?qt=q

No its better to leave it as god intended
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What are traditional foods

It depends on where you come from but for me they are foods that define your culture and history whatever that may be. "Don't throw food waste in the trash buy a waste king legend 8000 "

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Want to be blessed with a newborn

If you are pregnant and do not wish to keep your baby (or cannot), please contact a reputable agency to help you place your child for adoption. Try this link for starters: www.birthright.org

What are the most common ailments suffered by newborns each year? just

there skin and and bones and you need to give them the right kind of milik. you must keep them clean at all times and fresh and smelling good. oh and always keep a newborn baby as warm as possible