what are they building off Interstate 4 near the Auburndale fl exit?

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Answered: How to Wire a Steel Buildings?

A steel building is a metal structure fabricated with steel for the internal and commonly ,but not exclusively for exterior cladding Such buildings are used for a variety of purposes including storage, office space and living space.

Answered: I am looking for any storage company interested in buying a building to

Try craiglist or here: http://www.selfstorages.com/Self_Mini_Storage_Facility_Directory/FL_5.htm

Answered: Need to buy used car near Cantonment, FL

http://www.choosepedigo.com/ Try the link given above, might help you to find out what you are searching for.

Answered: I need names of doctors, hospitals or clinics where ECT is available in

IDK where they're located. I had 7 ECT's at the Cleveland Clinic when I was 17. I can tell you this. The so called treatements were stopped because they didn't help at all. AND they fucked my memory. During the ECT's, I was just out of it, didn't remember a damn thing and my memory has NEVER been ...
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Where to get H1N1 Flu shot in Tavares, FL

this was sent to me thru yedda. i looked it up for you 32778..... you can go to walgreens or c.v.s. or your doctor.....if you cant afford it...i would try your local health department. myself...i wouldn't get one.....they are bad for you according to alot of people.... God bless nanadee

Can you park on packer ave. near citizen bank park

You can park on packer near C B park if you pay the parking meter to park there.

Is there a thrifty car rental in clearwater fl

There does not appear to be a Thrifty Car Rental agency in Clearwater, Florida. However, an Internet search produces the following list of car rental agencies in Clearwater: Car Rental Agencies in Clearwater FL Alamo Rent A Car 14700 Terminal Blvd Clearwater Clearwater FL US 33762 ...