what are the side effects for prednisolone?

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Answered: What does effectively mean?

Hi, Effectively in simple words means: "helps (very much) to acheive the goals (in the shortest / quickest / cheapest / direct / simpliest way)". Best regards,

Answered: Effective

dorcaspriest.... consider your spam reported. Thumbs up Mr J. That's exactly what I was going to say.

Answered: Is there treatment of side effects to prednisolone ...

That is a hefty dose for a dog that size. Please tell us the condition that your dog is being treated for. I have never had a pet on steroids so I cannot help you with personal experience. Beau and I send our condolences. We hope that your little guy pulls thru. Good luck.

Answered: Can you reverse the effects of alcohol?

The solution is simple: DO NOT DRINK ALCOHOL. If you do not drink alcohol, there will be no adverse affects to reverse.
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