what are the side effects for prednisolone?

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Answered: What does effectively mean?

Hi, Effectively in simple words means: "helps (very much) to acheive the goals (in the shortest / quickest / cheapest / direct / simpliest way)". Best regards,

Answered: How effective is radiation treatment for a dog's adrenal tumor

There's no blanket statement for an answer. Each case is different. It could have no effect. It could have minimal effect. It could have moderate effect. It could cure. Size, location, growth rate and genetic makeup of the tumor all factor in.

Answered: Effective

dorcaspriest.... consider your spam reported. Thumbs up Mr J. That's exactly what I was going to say.

Answered: Is there treatment of side effects to prednisolone ...

That is a hefty dose for a dog that size. Please tell us the condition that your dog is being treated for. I have never had a pet on steroids so I cannot help you with personal experience. Beau and I send our condolences. We hope that your little guy pulls thru. Good luck.
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I won't argue with those answers.

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