what are the rules to overnight visits with the non custoial parent?

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Answered: What do you do when the non-custodial parent does ...

If in court you can prove she is an unfit mother then you can get full custody of the child all you need is proof. But at times that is hard to do you need a good attorney who has acess to an investagator to follow her and take pictures as they are worth a million in court but you need an attorney ...

Answered: Leftists should learn Roberts' Rules.

Our government dependent friend the leftist Muslim Atheist poster started posting around 2 pm est. Under its first alias, Anne S., it posted for over 2 hours. It posted under its newest alias Bill J. It has posted under Fred G., Trampo, Brother B. and is now posting under the fake Marine. It is now ...

Answered: Visitation

Your best shot is to find good family law offices in the county you live in. It sounds like you need someone else on your side, and if you have all the documentation, the least you could do is schedule a free consultation so they can at least give you an idea of what to do. Best of luck to you.

Answered: Pool rules for Orchard Villas Lakeside

Visit the ourprovencevilla website you will get the pool rules easily..!!!
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What if the non custodial parent moves to a house unfit for the children

I disagree about Monica's reply, the non-custodial parent is still their parent and though the parent that the child resides with disapproves of the lifestyle of the noncustodial parent they must first reason with themselves by asking themselves: Is this enviornment physically dangerous or ...