what are the principles of scholarly discussion?

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Answered: Ten principles of philosophy

I speak contrary to most of my colleagues: these are my views published in my Dissertation thirty five years ago. The eight axes of philosophy are those that affect us, affect others, and affect yet others secondarily. These axes of behavior are: Money. How do we deal with commerce, career, and ...

Answered: Principles of Economics

20% increase in price of commodities taste and preference of commodities seasonality of commodities decrease in price of substitute commodities political instability decrease in income

Answered: Working principle of hydraulic dynamometer

I Need to replace my right front hydraulic leveler on my rv. When the control switch is off and the levelers are up is it safe to disconect the hydaulic line?????????

Answered: Discuss with practical examples how linquistics ...

No thank you. We will pass on this opportunity.

Answered: Principle financial scan? or legitamate?

SCAM!! How could you think that, without any action on your part, you would win $175,000? This---greed---is the reason these scams don't go away.

Answered: Admission Requirements for Rice/Baylor Medical Scholars Program

Cali, I recommend you contact the school directly to get this information. Good luck.
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Check out the link below for some helpful info: http://www.jstor.org/pss/2793

Religious World-view

Based on a person's religious background and their social status, problems can appear large or small.

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Secular archeologists rebuked by a Biblical scholar!

What book of fairytales, John? And what refutation? So far we've only seen all of your satanist nonsense refuted by the Bible!