What are the possible number of positive, negative, and complex zeros of f(x) = x6 + x5+ x4 + 4x3 – 12x2 + 12?

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Answered: What is 4x-7x +5x =

Assume X represents an apple: Allen gave you 4 apples, Shon gave you 5 apples, and Andy took 7 apples, how many apples remain ? I hope you agree that the answer is 2 (Mathematically it reads 2X) Note that Give = plus (cause it adds to stock) and Take = minus (cause it reduces your stock)

Answered: How to solve: (x + 6) -1 (2x + 7) -3x = -9

Hi Lisa (x + 6) -1*(2x + 7) -3x = -9 X + 6 -2X -7 -3X = -9 -4X -1 = -9 4X = 8 X = 2 Let us check uf the answer is correct (put 2 instead of X and check if it balances: (2+ 6) -1 (2*2 + 7) -3*2 = -9 8 -1*( 4 +7) -6 = -9 8 -11 -6 = -9 -9 = -9 Yes it balnces. So the answer is OK. If ...

Answered: 7x=5y Find the slope intercept equation for the line with the indicated

The general form of equation of line is y= mx+c here M is the slope and c represents intercept m is also given as tan(theta) where theta is the angle of incidence.

Answered: Coefficients of f(x)-5x-8 4(4x 6)

I don’t have knowledge about this question but I can suggest you to use online tutoring. Online tutoring is very reliable and comfortable way of tutoring. It gives ease to get help anytime from anywhere to your child. Few of the online tutoring companies are www.tutorpace.com,www.eduniche.com. I ...

Answered: I am looking for a left and right steering nuckle for a 1975-1979 1/2 ton

Try tellico4x4 for 4wd parts . They stock almost everything. They should be able to help

Answered: Tire and wheel matching

the rim size and width are ok.
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How to determine the zeros of f(x) =x^3-12x^2-15^x+26?

One way to discover the zeroes is trial and error. Obviously x=0 is not a zero, but x=1 gives 1-12-15+26= 0. Dividing by (x-1) gives x^2-11x-26 which factors into (x+2)(x-13) so it has zeroes at x = -2 and x = 13. Another way to determine the zeroes is to evaluate f(0) = 26 and realize that f ...

What is the sum of -x 7/2x 4 and2x 5/2x 4

sum of -x 7/2x 4 and2x 5/2x 4 I will take a guess that + signs are missing (because that often happens) and also - signs are OK. But there's still something missing, such as an exponent on the first term. And the 7/2x and 5/2x could be read either as (7/2)x and (5/2)x or they could be 7/(2x) and 5 ...

What is the GCF of -26x5 4x3 2x2?

Of those three terms, the only common factor is 2 which divides evenly into all of them.