What are the possible number of positive, negative, and complex zeros of f(x) = x6 + x5+ x4 + 4x3 – 12x2 + 12?

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Answered: How to solve: (x + 6) -1 (2x + 7) -3x = -9

Hi Lisa (x + 6) -1*(2x + 7) -3x = -9 X + 6 -2X -7 -3X = -9 -4X -1 = -9 4X = 8 X = 2 Let us check uf the answer is correct (put 2 instead of X and check if it balances: (2+ 6) -1 (2*2 + 7) -3*2 = -9 8 -1*( 4 +7) -6 = -9 8 -11 -6 = -9 -9 = -9 Yes it balnces. So the answer is OK. If ...

Answered: 7x=5y Find the slope intercept equation for the line with the indicated

The general form of equation of line is y= mx+c here M is the slope and c represents intercept m is also given as tan(theta) where theta is the angle of incidence.

Answered: What is the sum of -x 7/2x 4 and2x 5/2x 4

sum of -x 7/2x 4 and2x 5/2x 4 I will take a guess that + signs are missing (because that often happens) and also - signs are OK. But there's still something missing, such as an exponent on the first term. And the 7/2x and 5/2x could be read either as (7/2)x and (5/2)x or they could be 7/(2x) and 5 ...

Answered: How to determine the zeros of f(x) =x^3-12x^2-15^x+26?

One way to discover the zeroes is trial and error. Obviously x=0 is not a zero, but x=1 gives 1-12-15+26= 0. Dividing by (x-1) gives x^2-11x-26 which factors into (x+2)(x-13) so it has zeroes at x = -2 and x = 13. Another way to determine the zeroes is to evaluate f(0) = 26 and realize that f ...

Answered: What is the GCF of -26x5 4x3 2x2?

Of those three terms, the only common factor is 2 which divides evenly into all of them.
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