What are the positive and negative impact on hiv and aids in entrepreneurship?

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Answered: HIV/AIDS Outreach money donations

Every charitable organization needs donations, but this is not the place to ask for them. There are thousands of reputable ones, and we would soon have thousands of scams competing with them. Every political organization needs donations too. Let's not start with every candidate begging here.

Answered: If I test negative for HIV and my partner test negative for HIV then we

Wash your pecker off before sex as though you were preparing a piece of meat for a person with a germ free fixation like Howard Hughes, rinse it several times in the hottest water you can stand mixed with alcohol. Wear at least four condoms (spermicidal) and use a spermicidal jelly and foam ...

Answered: Someone I know has slept with an HIV positive ...

Sadly, his chances could be pretty good. Don't get down yet; the fact that his 2 month test came out negative is a great start, but he still needs to go back and get tested again as he was told. Some forms of HIV don't show up on tests until six months and up. The fact that he doesn't show any ...

Answered: Need a best way to solve my entrepreneurship problem

If you want to be entrepreneur you have to face some problem . so you should prepare for solved them . i think you can visit some good site . because they are always good & they can help you . you can visit this sitehttp://www.EntrepreneursBest.com

Answered: So far what is the status of HIV/AIDS medicine is there any progress in

You can find the most up-to-date information about treatments for HIV/AIDS here .

Answered: Do people living with HIV / AIDS have special rights or

I would love to give you some reliable info relating to your question, however the way it is posed, it is very vague. Can you be more specific on the "Rights" and "Responsibilities" you are referring to. Maybe you can take the first "Right" or "Responsibility" that you can prioritize and re-submit ...
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Can women give HIV to an uninfected man through vaginal intercourse?

A woman with HIV virus can be very potential of infecting a anyone during sexual intercourse. It is a big threat to men and women's health . Of course HIV has been one of most deadly STD's that already claimed millions of lives worldwide. To avoid being contacted by HIV virus, safe sex through use ...

If i had sex with people without a condom, i have no symptoms just

Ever hear of abstinence? Sex use to be considered sacred and a deep expression of love between two people. Now it's a feel good recreation activity that could cost you your life.

Do aids cause due to overuse of sperms without any ...

I think your question is whether AIDS is caused due to overuse of sperms without any sex. The answer is AIDS is a STD (sexually transmitted disease). That means that body contact is essential. http://www.homoepathicdidi.blogspot.com


Yes absolutely...... If you have any other questions you should read up on STDs