what are the positive and negative factors in using outside collection agency to pursue overdue patient accounts?

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Answered: Delete my account

Tadpole? Rocmike Stalker? We could only hope.

Answered: Collections agencies

Basically forever. Collection agency know that the longer they wait, they harder it is to collect. At some point, they will eventually give up, but not until they harass you for a while and attempt judgments, garnishments, and liens. A new trend I've heard about is "Zombie" debt. It really ...

Answered: AOL has closed my account and I don't know why

Your account might have been closed for violation of Terms of Service, such as sending spam, or harassment in chat rooms, or obscenity or profanity. Possibly it was someone else who got your password and used your account, or closed your account (a vindictive ex?). You could call up and ask for ...

Answered: Can a collection agency come after me for a ...

A debt collection agency has laws that are specific to it by state and Federal regulations. The FDCPA is an example of one such law which regulates what a debt collector can and cannot do in attempt to collect a debt.

Answered: I need to find the phone # for a collection agency called: account

Look for another name for company. Accounts Receivable is probably just a department within the company.
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