what are the positions on an americas cup race sailboat?

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Answered: Fruit Cup Day for the Fruit Cups

Have you ever seen so much leftist stupidity in all your life? :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::snicker::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Answered: What was the sail number on americas cup defender Enterprise????

The sail number is one of those issues that is important, and that necessitates experienced attendance regarding

Answered: Horse racing breeders cup 2006

You might try contacting customer service at "DRF" on line. They have a lot of stuff available.

Answered: Evelyn 36' sailboat

My family owned hull #1 QUICKSILVER, and I know quite a bit about it, and was around during the construction prior to Formula yachts. It was built for Dudley Butler of Mystic, CT. We have loads of pictures.. It had sail # 21147. Bob Evelyn is a personal friend. Chris

Answered: 25 Catalina Sailboat Keel Material

looking for a cheap trailer does'nt have to be vaporizer pretty just highway sound. The trailer is for a 25 foot swing keel catalina sailboat.

Answered: The Breeders' Cup races have always fascinated me. Is there a game

This web site has the history of the Breeders Cup. I think you will find it quite interesting.
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