what are the notes for norwegian dance?

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Answered: Waltz Dance

You can look for fictitious dance academy

Answered: How do you say the days of the week in Norwegian?

Go to www.byki.com/tag/days and scroll down to 'Basic Words 03 (Norwegian).' When that opens, click 'List' to see the words; click 'Play' to hear the words pronounced. Here is a list of the days of the week: Sondag = Sunday Mandag = Monday Tirsdag = Tuesday Onsdag = Wednesday Torsdag = ...

Answered: FYI: Tak in Norwegian means roof or ceiling. Takk ...

I collect old apple box labels/posters. One had the letters TAK as the main feature and is done in some sort of archaic script. I'll bet they meant TAKK.

Answered: Can dancing cause weight loss?

If you want to lose weight, try something fast-paced like zumba, breakdancing, or hip hop. I have been a dancer most of my life and it has helped me maintain a low BMI. Hope this helps!

Answered: I can dance very well. I like Hip Hop Dancing. What kind of dancing do

I like the Irish dance that feel me the most happiest person in the world. It is really a touch of Ireland and I loved it...!!

Answered: How can I learn Norwegian?

At this site, you can start to learn Norwegian online for free. If you want to pay for some software to help you out more, you can get this software program. Many Americans who work for the government, who need to learn another language quickly use this program . Good luck.
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Seventh Grade Dance??!!! LAST NOTICE

Your Answer. Honey boo boo See Comment.

Which dance studio offers open class in street jazz or jazz? I'll be in

I'm not in the area so I'm not sure. Since it's only March and you won't be there until May, I think your best option is to either call or email each location to find out. Good luck!

Little Girls and Dance?

Dance students can start a young as 3.5 years old to develope their motor skills and music ability. Having a good teacher can make or break their interest! It is important that they have the interest and not doing it for mom or dad! Introduce them to the dance world and then the opportunies will ...

Wide mens dance shoes

For the dancers wide shoes are good at starting step. You can get the dance shoes from the touch of Ireland.