What are the non-farm production activities taking place in your region? Make a short list.?

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Answered: Is this a good opening to a short story?

It's not bad. You definitely need to break it into paragraphs, though. Like, after you mention his black shoes, it's a new paragraph when he's walking to school. Plus the paragraphs for all the dialogue. If you want to be a serious writer, you need to get the grammar right. It's important. I've been ...

Answered: I know there are a lot of medications I can't take after gastric bypass

This web page contains general information. You need to contact your doctor for the answer to your question.

Answered: Favorite Places are gone

My favorites are all gone too. I started to restore my list yesterday. And now that is gone. HELP!!!

Answered: What is the difference of cycle shorts and cycle underwear

Well Larry, the underwear goes underneath and the shorts go on top. When you reach 1st grade they'll teach you these things.

Answered: I need a list of animals that have been used for farm animals for

Farm animals are – Ducks, sheep, turkeys, chickens, cows, pigs, goats, donkeys, lambs, horses, and sometimes dogs and cats. If you want some farm animal pictures, take a look at the site listed here.

Answered: Short term rental apartment or house

You obviously have a computer. You obviously know what Craigslist is. Why not just go there and look? Why come to AOL Answers?
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What is productivity in non-dollar terms?

Hi, In simple, non scientific, words: The output (products, servises) per unit time (day, month, year). Best regards,

Chat room/farmers anyone know about landlocked farms?

Usually if you got "landlocked" land, you can talk real nice to your neighbors and trade work for an easement. Good fences make good neighbors. Well, you know that.