What are the laws to open a non-profit organization?

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Answered: Do you need a tax id if you already have one for another business and you

Sure do! I got one here in the shop. We hired a mouth piece and got an LLC for the shop and then to do charity work for community gardens and like that we put together another business name, Earth Angels. It don't get you out of much tax, but it will protect you if some volunteer gets racked up ...

Answered: Non-Profit Organizations

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Answered: Do You Belong To A Non-Profit Organization That Needs help Raising

yes i'm part of Nonprofit Website Solution, Nonprofit Website Solution, the leader in non-profit websites and non-profit website solutions, breaks new ground by offering non-profit's FREE Website Design, FREE Website Review, and FREE SEO (Search Engine Optimization). http://www ...

Answered: Non-profit organizations ADA

Most such classes will state in the description of the class that they accept students of all abilities. If you don't say that in your description, you certainly have the right to tell the parents that you apologize but are not able to accommodate this child's special needs in this particular class ...

Answered: I started a non-profit but don't know how to get it off the ground

I want to start a non profit wilderness camp for sibling groups in foster care. I have my land already but I'm not sure about how I go about getting non profit standings in Louisiana and if this can be down with or without an attorney.
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How do I register a new Non-Profit organization in Las Vegas?

I pasted 2 links below which I think you will find helpful. Good luck. http://managementhelp.org/strt_org/strt_np/strt_np.htm http://www.snpo.org/resources/startup.php

How cand I donate or help a charity, non profit ...

Hi I’m called Spirit MOUITY and i don’t know how to work in it. Frenkle speaking, I need a financial help. I hav a group music and i need something like $1000 or $500 i’m going to be released. Please i’m counting on your high honesty reply me please and please in spirit.mouity@yahoo.com or m.spirit ...

I am interested in finding out who runs a nonprofit organization

I know the answer to this question. Why do you want to know? I can put you in touch with them. You can contact them from their website at the contact us page.

Forming a non-profit sports team

Did you ever figure this out?