What are the ingredients in Thermo-Sea?

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Answered: What are the ingredients in Professor Amos cleaner? It cleans so

Citric acid, metallic silver (0.003%), and a degreaser which does not appear to be named anywhere. It is likely water based. It cleans well on the commercials that are hawking this product. Reviews are largely less than favorable. Lemon juice or CLR would do just as well. Degreasing can be done ...

Answered: It is an old Thermos

I have one too, with a ceramic liner. I found a few scattered references to the R.M.Co. in Toledo by googling the company's name, but not much of substance--mostly just a few references to the company in various Ohio commercial archive documents. Went back at least as far as 1886. If you ever ...

Answered: Thermo king sb iii max troubleshooting guide

This is a Question how to clear code 50 & how to adjust & decrease cool & heat temperature Gap from micro controller switches

Answered: In one single word: What is Sea to you ?

For me Sea indicates depthness and represent the good feeling and a lots of peace which you can enjoy

Answered: Are sea and air drones the future of the military?

Only if you don't mind your military being rendered useless once the other guy shoots down/disables the satellites that control your drones.
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Called the phone number posted below/above (not sure where my answer will be put!) And I HAVE to say, this is the BEST customer service people I have ever had to deal with!! Just a few basic questions about the thermos and Walla!! They tell me it would be to me within Two Weeks!! And were VERY nice ...

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I have experienced same situation. You probably need a service rep to replace your transformer. I replaced mine in 2001 and it just went out again. Its not cheap. Steve

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