What are the ingredients in q-hydrate 528?

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Answered: What are the ingredients in Professor Amos cleaner? It cleans so

Citric acid, metallic silver (0.003%), and a degreaser which does not appear to be named anywhere. It is likely water based. It cleans well on the commercials that are hawking this product. Reviews are largely less than favorable. Lemon juice or CLR would do just as well. Degreasing can be done ...

Answered: 528i 2000 bmw when to dump

Thanks for the input and time. Mine has 173,000 and needs brakes.Just wondering what other goodies might go.

Answered: Capsaicin Question

Food that doesn't have hot peppers in it will not contain any capsaicin, so why don't you simply avoid spicy food? Read labels and if you're in a restaurant, ask questions.

Answered: Dangerous Amount of Water?

Hi KerryG, Are you asking this question for just children? Because I did hear a story awhile ago, about someone from a radio station, who held a contest - for adults - of who could drink (I believe it was a gallon? don't remember off hand) water, and to see how long they could hold it, without ...

Answered: How to make good perfume? what is ingrediant in perfume? Please tell me

Check out http://www.howtodothings.com/fashion-and-personal-care/a3435-how-to-make-perfume.html. Good luck.
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I would say that she is right. The more water you drink the better, but I would recommend it be ionized alkaline water. Why? When you work you, the build up of lactic acid causes your muscles to be sore and takes days for your muscles to recover. The more water you drink the quicker the lactic ...

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At least 8 glass of water a person must intake for healthy body. Ya over limit of anything would be dangerous, if you intake 3 times more than your daily consumption than obviously it could be dangerous.

What household ingredients have the ability to aggravate Tinnitus.

Loud noises will aggravate tinnitus, such as rock concerts or music played very loud, even in earphones. Gunshots or explosions or chain saws should not be household ingredients, but perhaps video games have them. Several medications can aggravate tinnitus, such as aspirin, ibuprofen and other ...