What are the implications of mandated federal laws on English language learners?

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Answered: What is the federal law on marijuana

Under the federal law, marijuana is still an illegal substance. This is where it becomes confusing because two states have already legalized recreational pot; and a few others allow its use for medical purposes. According to marillow.com, your best bet is to always have documentation when in ...

Answered: The Attitudes and Perceptions of Public School Administrators in

go razor backs," really all learning is a 2-way street ex. you`ve many different ways of learning thru a teachers ability to communicate & you have a students way of comprehending when both are on the same level it makes the whole learning process more enjoyable the teacher has to judge whether or ...

Answered: If you are unemployed and live in federal housing is there a law that

Not that I know of, or at least not here in Texas. Other states may differ. Contact your local HUD housing office. If you're collecting unemployment, the employment office may have some mandatory service type things.

Answered: Is there an english translation for the Italian word cigilia

I didn't find cigilia. Ciglia means eyelashes. Vigilia means vigil or wake.
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I think, you can not solve our problem without law service. Law service is very important for anyone.

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Two circles of chairs one inside another but facing each other. Its a getting to know each other marathon. The students have a 1 minute topic to talk about after a minute the whistle blows and they one circle move a sit towards a certain direction thats how each one gets a chance to talk with each ...

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Use google translator. It will convert the words into japanese symbols, but then if you copy those symols, change the settings to "japanese to english" and paste it to translate it again, it will give you the english meaning of the japanese word. ^^

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Butterfly, not sure if this will answer your question or not.Energy : The potential for energy efficiency gains in the ... If improved exergy efficiency is to be achieved, low-temperature heating and .... Heating degree-day and cooling degree-day information by city were matched to the .... To a ...