What are the effects of extinction on natural balance?

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Answered: What is psoriasis and what are the most effective forms of treatment?

Hi I won't go into what psoriasis is as that has already been well answered, but I do know a natural way to improve it, which is aloe propolis creme. The one my friend used was the one from http://www.bestaloestore.com (you can't get that brand in the shops) and there's some free info on one of the ...

Answered: Who make a balance weighing first in the world?

The first known use of scales was in the days of Hammurabi: "The balance shall be of equal measure, and let the customer decide where to place his money for the weighing. The merchant must try the money to assure it is fit for others to use. To use false coin shall be punished with the loss of ...

Answered: Are there any serious likely side effect that I can experience while

There are no reported harmful side effects reported from short-term use. You may use it freely for jet lag and other sleep disorders related with circadian rhythm disruption.

Answered: Midnight velvet balance

In answer to your question, yes? How about black velvet instead!
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If there was no other species or animal to become extinct because of the decline or decimation of the alligator, I'd say go ahead and obliterate the reptiles. Just grow them on farms or private land to hunt later. I enjoy hunting them. After I kill one, I like to get an iron crowbar and pry or ...

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It sounds like an inner ear problem for which you need to see the doctor.

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