What are the duties of an Assemblyman ?

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Answered: What happens if i already got a postponement For jury duty and now i am

If you are sick, you need to call in. They can grant another postponement for good cause. They might require a doctor's note.

Answered: Jury duty

Generally you only have to serve jury duty in the county where you live. If you own property in another county and claim a homeowner's exemption, then you are telling them you live there.

Answered: I have been summoned for jury duty next week. This ...

Yes, its more than a notion to do jury duty. If you can justify a medical condition see your doctor about it, he will be glad to assist you with this. As my Dr helped me.

Answered: Do you receive a payment for each day of jury duty that you serve? Does

I think all states pay some minimal amount for jury service. It can be as little as $4 or $5 for a day, in some states. California State law does not require employers to compensate employees who are absent because of jury service. Many employers do, however, have jury-leave policies that provide ...

Answered: What if your boss gets jury duty,,how does employees get paid for lost

No, employer does not have to pay you whilst you are on jury service. But they can claim for travel and food expenses and for loss of earnings from the court. http://www.magnals.com

Answered: Canadian Duties and VAt

CANADA · Duties 0-25% · GST 5% · HST3 13% (Nova Scotia, New Bruswick, Newfoundland) · QST4 7.5% (Quebec http://www.uscib.org/index.asp?documentID=1676 Imran http://www.myjewelersplace.com
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Stamp duty is tax that you must pay on the purchase of a new home or property. Depending on where you live, the amount of stamp duty you will need to pay will vary. This is where a stamp duty calculator can save you a lot of time and energy in finding out the specific amount of stamp duty you will ...

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It depends on the declared value of the item when it was shipped. The US Government has a chart that you can search for and find what percentage they charge.

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You are allowed two bottles. As far as I know, you cannot go over the limit (even if you pay).