what are the do's and dont's in the laboratory?

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Answered: Song dont cry for me manyana

You mean Don't cry for me Argentina?

Answered: What are all the laboratory equipments?

dental lab equipment like Dental Mixing Machine Dental Amalgamator Polishing Machine Dust Collector Vacuum Cleaner and more..... You can check the list by link http://www.dentalequips.co.uk/category-1941-b0-Dental-Lab-Equipment.html

Answered: Clinical Laboratory Report, Test: hsCRP (Cardio ...

Hey Smitty ... I am a Clinical Lab Scientist and can provide you with some information about the test. Okay, hsCRP stands for "high sensitivity C-Reactive Protein". The "hs" just means that the method used to obtain your values is one that can detect the C-Reactive Protein at lower concentration ...

Answered: How do I choose the right laboratory furniture?

Laboratory furniture is an important part of research facilities, clinics and laboratories. Scientists and researchers use them as their workstations. They are made from good quality materials such as stainless steels. Furniture are developed and designed to be sturdy since they are going to be ...

Answered: DOS games

Dos box is great for just things like this ( http://dosbox.sourceforge.net/news.php?show_news=1 ) you'll get best performance with a tool like that. A virtual machine is another option but I would suggest the free version of VMWare over Virtual PC.

Answered: I don't want AOL as my HomePage

Congratulations on your clear thinking!
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