what are the differences between probability and coincidence?

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Answered: No Lester/TJ JO and no porn being posted

And there's Lester, on his knees defending the honor of his fellow shit eater Tommy Johnson, who btw claims he "doesn't even know who Thomas Johnson is". Totally fooled me.

Answered: TJ's back and so is the porno

Lester defends TJ as if he's defending himself. Oh that's right, he is defending himself!! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA SO FUCKING BUSTED!!!!!!

Answered: No stalker, no TJ/JO, no porn

Tommy and Lester both happened to have gynecologist appointments today.

Answered: Probability

Assuming the probability of having a girl is 0.5, there are probabilities of 0=1/256, 1=8/256, 2=28/256, 3=56/256, 4=70/256, 5=56/256, 6=28/256, 7=8/256, 8=1/256. So 5 or more is 56+28+8+1/256 = 93/256 = .3633.

Answered: "Or" probability questions

I believe it's 3/6 or 1/2 because you have 6 possibilities and 3 numbers that are correct.

Answered: Can't think of the word

Perhaps you looking for "The Power of Suggestion". Hope this helps.
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