What are the Differences Between Ethical Issues and Moral Issues?

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Answered: What is the current state of moral turpitude in our society?

When I lived in other countries I understood their rules, regulations, customs, belief systems and I respected them. Had I decided to give-up my American citizenship and ask to obtain theirs I would have accepted into my own being those standards they lived by. Anyone coming to our country must ...

Answered: Is it sound to let moralization be defended by working for the sake of

No, I am not "Judy"! Who the is this weirdo always pretending this weird stuff about me and all the other people here!?

Answered: Mail issues.

This is the exact thing happening to one of my AOL email accounts. What is the solution to this problem? Anyone?

Answered: What's the moral of your story?

The moral of my story would be about persistence. In watching those I admire the most in life, this seems to be the factor that separates them from the rest.

Answered: Will the ethics if teacher affect the student's behavior?

Outside Olympia, Washington, we will find the most despised thing in Thurston County. It is responsible for more drug abuse, sexual deviancy, and violence than any other entity in the nation. It is Evergreen College. Evergreen is not to be confused with an institution of higher learning - not in ...
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Examples of universal and/or moral norms

Alex, perhaps the most universal moral norm is the right to live. Nothing is as strong in the minds of all living things as to continue living. No matter how much pain we endure, what privations we suffer, we must survive. Poking around through the rationale for that brings us to some ...

Do you think laboratory personnel and crime scene personnel should be

Yes, they should be held to the highest standards. Look what they did to scott peterson: keeping exploraty evedince out of court on many,many prudent issuses. Please read the book titled, presumed guilty: by marc dalton and when dalton got too close to the truth that scott was innocent mark geragos ...

Do you think crime scene technician are faced with the same ethical

They probably do have the same standards. But, not the same ethical issues as each faces a different set of problems each day they are "on duty". Their duties are as different as night & day. One looks under the microscope the other finds what goes under it. --- C1

Do you have morals and ethics?

CV Baer, you raise an uncomfortable question: Who in God's world teaches their kids to steal? lie? Cheat? Look at any comix book you see, and the answer is there to hold you aghast. The coarse nudity, sexual perversion, horrifying bad example, and lots worse, has had a completely negative effect ...