What are the Differences Between Ethical Issues and Moral Issues?

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Answered: What is the current state of moral turpitude in our society?

When I lived in other countries I understood their rules, regulations, customs, belief systems and I respected them. Had I decided to give-up my American citizenship and ask to obtain theirs I would have accepted into my own being those standards they lived by. Anyone coming to our country must ...

Answered: What's the moral of your story?

The moral of my story would be about persistence. In watching those I admire the most in life, this seems to be the factor that separates them from the rest.

Answered: Will the ethics if teacher affect the student's behavior?

Outside Olympia, Washington, we will find the most despised thing in Thurston County. It is responsible for more drug abuse, sexual deviancy, and violence than any other entity in the nation. It is Evergreen College. Evergreen is not to be confused with an institution of higher learning - not in ...

Answered: Are morals relative or absolute

Thank you, Tyre, at least now you are beginning to think. For awhile, I had lots of very good cause to think that you were just another knee-jerk leftist. It is good to see you come to your senses. Life is so much better when you are fully awake, and can tell what you are doing.

Answered: Examples of universal and/or moral norms

Alex, perhaps the most universal moral norm is the right to live. Nothing is as strong in the minds of all living things as to continue living. No matter how much pain we endure, what privations we suffer, we must survive. Poking around through the rationale for that brings us to some ...
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Do you have morals and ethics?

CV Baer, you raise an uncomfortable question: Who in God's world teaches their kids to steal? lie? Cheat? Look at any comix book you see, and the answer is there to hold you aghast. The coarse nudity, sexual perversion, horrifying bad example, and lots worse, has had a completely negative effect ...

Is there a correlation between ethical (moral) behaviour and

Hello OronD. Basically, your point about interrelational intelligence pertains to some moral capacity, but not necessarily enough for a good understanding of real morality. For that there would probably have to be some capacity to be more general in ones morality than should it pertain only to the ...

What is an example of how corporate culture influences the ethical

Corporate America has shown benevolence and commitment to the community above and beyond the call of duty, and it is not for the sake of money: it is for the sake of people. Leftists on the other hand have shown us what hatred and bigotry do, but scant little else. It is well said that if you see ...


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