What are the differences among expressions, equations, and functions?

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Answered: Similarities and differences for solving logarithm equations

Equations with one logarithm such as log10 x =1 are usually solved by exponentiating to get x = 10. Equations with more than one logarithm will be more complicated; for instance 10^(log10 x + log10 y) =xy. There can be a logarithm equation with no real solution, such as x = log x (although with ...

Answered: Find an exponential function of the form f(x)=ba^x + c with y-intercept 2

y=ba^x+c with a horizontal asymptote of -2 means when a^x is almost zero it approaches y = -2, so c=-2. With a y-intercept of 2, that means at x=0 y=2 where a^0 =1 so b+c = 2, giving b=4. Then for x=1 y=4 so ba+c =4 which gives 4a-2=4 so a = 1.5 .

Answered: Math impact formulas and expressions lesson 1.2 ...

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Answered: I would like put a a thumb nail expression after ...

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Answered: The expression

I think it means not to take your life so seriously and to live it to the hilt as freely as possible.
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