what are the cons of having acdf C4-5 C5-6 C6-7 neck surgery?

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Answered: On the Nokia C5 phone is there a way you can make ...

Yes u can do that.. When camera is on on right side you could see a tool bar showing up in screen there you can disable flash

Answered: What happens when C4C5C6 is bone upon bone

A neurosurgeon would fix artificial disks where the natural disks once were, but it will still be painful. You will have to wear a neck brace for some time as the artificial disks work their way into the bone. It is a risky procedure.

Answered: Swallowing problems after neck surgery

I had c4,c5,c6,c7 fused and i had that problem for 3 months it gets better some days good some days bad. turning my head like i used to is not working to good

Answered: Injury durring my neck surgery. My rotator cuffs are torn. Must be from

If you suspect malpractice, seek a second opinion from a surgeon who is not affiliated with the hospital where your surgery was performed. http://www.best4health.net

Answered: They want to do surgery ASAP! appt with surgeon on tues!!!!

The best way to find answers is to visit this site(click link below).Try it now! Cosmetic surgeon Los Angeles

Answered: Qualified neck surgeon to treat a deep lobe tumor of the left parotid

The dr.S name is suresh raja.. 561-793-3363.. He has his medical liscense from n.J... By the way i am from n .Y. Too. Good luck
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Yes. I suffered a Whiplash injury in November 2007 and my MRI showed that I have a herniated cervical disc and bone spurs on 3 vertebrae in my neck. I have suffered with this for over 1 year now but am thankfully improving fast due to a back pain program that I recently discovered called "Erase ...