What are the characteristics of a population for which a mean/median/mode would be appropriate?

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Answered: Meaning of word assential

A hug is consequential If it's not consensual. The singular essential Is a word assentual.

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I've never heard of EA. What does it stand for?

Answered: Is chaos permanent due to global population ...

No. Nobody with a brain thinks that any single body should try to deal with the issues for all the world population.

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PSA (medical term) is a test for Prostate-Specific Antigen. A high number indicates probable prostate cancer. PSA (Airline) was Pacific Southwest Airlines, now part of US Airways. There's also another regional carrier named PSA, also part of US Airways.
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How do you find mean median and mode for fractions?

The mean is the average; you will have to add up the fractions and divide by the number of items. The median is the middle one by value; you will have to compare the fractions. The mode is the most common one; you might have to convert to lowest terms, like changing 3/6 to 1/2.

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