what are the chances of getting pregnant after age 51?

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Answered: What are the chances of getting pregnat after missing two pills

Hi Kazia Once you have missed 2 pills, you are no longer covered by the pill, so your chances of getting pregnant are very high. Home pregnancy tests can be taken as early as the first day of a missed menstrual period, or about fourteen days after conception. A blood test at a doctor’s office can ...

Answered: Which is better for getting pregnant monitoring basal body temperature or

I personally would do both. They both are very easy to do and using both might help your efforts be fruitful faster.

Answered: What are chances of getting pregnant with having ...

I remember being young and having this happen. You should be able to get pregnant, I think, up to a week BEFORE your period starts. In other words, you fertile time is half way between periods. If they are normally regular, that's easy figuring. But when they aren't regular it's imposible to ...

Answered: What are the chances to get pregnant if the guy ...

Its a good chance that you can get pregnant becasue he already let go inside you even though he pulled out of you

Answered: Chances of pregnancy missing one pill and unprotected sex

when did this pill came out first? who invited the pill? how does it work? i wanna know becouse i couldn't find any answer. im an ELL student and came to america 3 years ago. i dont speak much english but am still learning it so dont make fun of my english if u dont understant my questions or how i ...

Answered: Can you get pregnant at age 40

I am 38 and I just gave birth to my son 7 weeks ago. Throw the whole thing my Dr. watched me very close to make sure everything was going find. I started my labor at 36 weeks and at 37 I had a healthy baby boy and now I'm thinking of trying for one more. So yes if you want a baby go for it!!!
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I had sex on 5/3/08 and my last period was on 4/16/08 is there a chances

Hi, Tonijo22 gave you an excellent answer (Gave her 2 thums up). I wish to add that blood test is more accurate / reliable than home pregnancy tests. And another point: At the average the chances to get pregnant per each cycle is roughly 20%..... true it's the average (so some are above and some ...

Chances of being pregnant?

I would take another test. and if you don't want to be pregnant I suggest using protection or abstinence.

Will taking prenatal vitamins increase my chances of getting pregnant

follow all advices in "How to get pregnant fast" in: http://www.menstrual-cycle.info http://menstrual-cycle-health.blogspot.com/

Getting pregnant

The earliest pregnancy test you can buy can tell 5 days before a missed period. Good luck to you I know it's hard to wai then you are trying to get pregnant.