what are the advantage or disadvantage that oral traditions of indigenous religions may have over written scriptures of other religions?

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The advantages and disadvantages of loan into your business. Advantage You can easily get a capital to start your own business You can loan as much as you want Disadvantage You will pay your loan with interest It can affects the sales of your business If you can't pay your loans due to ...

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Look at any of the 20+ Arab countries and this will give you an answer.

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it is more faster than the traditional parallel ports. :D

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Disadvantages of the abs are:-- 1. ABS will not stop you as fast on very loose surfaces like gravel or snow. On such surfaces with ABS on it will not allow a wedge of snow/gravel to build up in front of the tires that would nornally help you stop faster. 2. All ABS systems have a speed below ...

Answered: Can someone please describe at least one aspect of indigenous religions

Native American culture recognizes the Great Spirit. Of the 220 Tribes whom I have encountered, all of these peoples have held that sacred. The earth is their Mother, the Great Spirit their father, and every animal tree and living thing their brother and sister. Christ fits in with their belief ...

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Dental impants are best option when damaged your teeth. We have lots of advantage just like as you can speak easily and easy to eat your food and this is more predictable then other restoration method. For more detail visit here:- http://www.stewarthefton.com/
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Wikipedia has an article on Traditional African religion, and an article on Zulu mythology, and an article on Religion in South Africa.

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