what are some positive things we could learn from medieval culture?

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Answered: What to do? I don't like working for her

You should be more worried about the fact you spell like a 2 year old.

Answered: How long in the future must we be sustaining things or planning for

Sooner or later, tomorrow gets here. You can't control it, but you can leave your self the way to deal with it. That is just thinking sane and positive. If you just leave your self open to get ruined, then you ain't much of a Christian. I mean, we got a way to see what is coming, so we can learn ...

Answered: If you have to learn how to act compassionate ...

One does not learn so much as to act compassionate as to learn to love. As one becomes a channel of GOD's love, compassionis a normal accompaniment.

Answered: Culture

My first wife was Mexican. Those cultural differences caused problems with her and I and with her family until the day she died. www.doudounehommepascher.com

Answered: Why are some people slow to learn compassion?

Some never do. Usually it takes a catastrophic life changing experience to bring someone into the realm of feeling compassion, love and understanding of the plights of others.

Answered: What is learn more 924?

The question "what is learn more 924?"; the words learn-more-924 are similar to words I have heard on the radio in an advertisement. If the words are combined into a part of a web url, the link www.learnmore924.com goes to https://www.learnmorenon24.com/ . The site talks about a medical issue for ...
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Tell us 5 random things about yourself?

1.) I like to take chances. 2.) I like slot machines. 3.) I prefer mountains, rivers and streams to the ocean. 4.) I like to challenge my mind and my body. 5.) I like the smell of expensive cigars.

In medieval times, what was the significance of the ribbons, or strips of

It has to do with a fertility ritual - not sure of details