What are some positive things we can learn from the medieval culture? I need answers fast please i have a paper that is due in one hour?

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Answered: I am doing a paper for school and i was wandering ...

Mackenzie, you don't need this information for school. You want it for yourself. Too much of any medication will put you in the hospital morgue, permanently. Please talk to your parents if you are having problems, or to the school counselor. Anna Sparky's Mom

Answered: Hours

A committee keeps minutes and wastes hours.

Answered: What to do? I don't like working for her

You should be more worried about the fact you spell like a 2 year old.

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Once you enter the professional studies world then you face many different kind of academic papers which you have to complete and undertake as these papers play an important part in the academic career and the papers like term papers, research papers, theses and essays etc make the academic ...
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The only responses you ever get are from your aliases. Everyone else ignores you.

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