what are of earth science examines the physical and biological changes that occured in the earths past?

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Answered: How old is the earth

A little over 6,000 years! http://creation.com/age-of-the-earth

Answered: How far is the center of the earth from the surface

we are considering radius of the earth( distance from center of the earth to surface) as 6.4 x 10*6 km (ten to the power six) assuming that earth is a perfect sphere in scientific calculations.. so it will vary little in equator and pole

Answered: Mixed rare metals

You need an assay office for gold or precious metals. If it is rare earths, maybe you need X-ray spectrum analysis.

Answered: Science help adaptation: it is possible for organism to do everything

No one creature can adapt to any environment: Democrats, for example, cannot adapt to enviornments where rational persons do well.

Answered: What would cause sea level to change drastically, say 400' to 1000' sea

Take a glass of water sometime. Get a drinking straw and another glass. Drop in ice cubes into one and fill to the brim from the other glass. Wipe up every drop and wait until the ice melts. The water level remains completely unchanged. That is an iron law of science and is an absolute. So ...

Answered: How do we represent the earth model in earth sciences

You can find some help from http://earthref.org if you have the assignment on this. It has some topic which clear explain your requirements. Thanks usb kvm switch , ip kvm switch , 2 port kvm
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What is the temperature at the core of the Earth ...

he temperature at the inner core of the earth is at the high is about 7000 degrees


ok, SO - there is a hall textbook like pdf file which is available file type. Then you have to try abazon, ebay, eshop book stores

Was the earth much smaller in the past ? i googled the earth and seen

Planetary accretion is not quite as exact a science as Steven Redcay might hope. While I hesitate to go into definitive work here, allow me to get the discussion started correctly. When we have all done our homework, then let's proceed to a bit more advanced material. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki ...

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Who but leftists and fools deserve to stand in line to die to a Soviet bio terrorist weapon? After all, that shows the lowest variety of suicidal stupidity, does it not? And those same leftists, knowing the facts, contract this fatal disease at great expense and personal violation -- specifically ...