what are nys custodial parent responsibilities?

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Answered: Who is the custodial parent till the case goes to court ? I live in

The mother always has custody until it goes to court.

Answered: In a child custody case how does a father prove he is a better parent for

You need to have a job, clean safe housing, and have steady income. Those are the main things a judge will look at. If you are questioning the things you need ready you need to contact the court before you go there. You are most definitely going to need pay stubs from your work checks.

Answered: Parental Responsibility for Minors

Wouldn't that be nice? Imagine parents paying to educate their own children instead of forcing childless strangers to help out. How nice it would be if parents paid for their own children's medical expenses, housing and food themselves, instead of forcing childless strangers to help out. In the ...

Answered: What can I do if a non-custodial parents lives out ...

HI,I don't understand why this parent has your chiold and will not retutn her back to you.Even after a court has order him to do so.HE is not the real parent you are.Your 17 year old child is old enough to speak out to say she wants to come home with you.Maybe there is a reason that she wants to be ...

Answered: What if the non custodial parent moves to a house unfit for the children

I disagree about Monica's reply, the non-custodial parent is still their parent and though the parent that the child resides with disapproves of the lifestyle of the noncustodial parent they must first reason with themselves by asking themselves: Is this enviornment physically dangerous or ...

Answered: Town trustee responsibilities?

This will vary from state to state. In Illinois, the words town and township are synonymous. The corporate authority for a township is the electors. Each registered voter who resides in the township is an elector. Electors exercise their authority at a town meeting. The Annual Town Meeting is ...
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To what extent are we responsible to our parents debts ?

Hi my friend OronD, As far a I know here in the U.S., the children are not responsible for the parent's debts if they did not co-sign for the loan. If he co-signed for a particular loan, then they will go after him to pay the debt.

Maryland law, surreptitious move of 60% custody parent, rights of other

As laws change from state this should have been in wrighting so as it could be enfored. Contact your attorney and see what your rights are as this is crossing state lines. It is a possable a kidnapping case dependign on the laws of 2 states.

Can a parent visit on a day not in visitation agreement without asking

Child, prison, what? What are you asking about. Either way, the answer is no. Especially if a child. When the court sets visitation, that's it. You can talk to the custodial parent and ask if you can visit. But without talking to them, no, you violate the court order.

Do I have to let the non-custodial parent have visitations if he has

If this is a non custodial parent you should not even let yourself be around him cause of the issue with the police.You don't know at what time things could get iut of hand.YOU shouldn't let your kid be involve with a matter like this.YOU should tell the non-custodial parent that you are thinking ...