what are moth balls good for?

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Answered: Moth balls!!!!!

Moth balls are toxic, its the same as spraying insecticide. They should always be in a closed container for clothes etc. You shouldn't be able to smell them.

Answered: Identification of a moth

I appreciate the answer but I couldn't see your pictures.Next time put them in folders and attatch them to your message and let me open them up.Try it again.

Answered: 16' Disco Ball Package

MTS,you won't be getting your answer here, Call the company back now!

Answered: Medicine ball exercises?

The Medicine Ball is a heavy bag full of dried beans. Algonkin natives used this device to train their warriors. They used Medicine Balls that weighed a tenth, a fourth, and half, the weight of the warriors. They also had tough games like Patagaway (modernly called Lacrosse) and archery ...

Answered: Does walmart sell bowling balls

You can look at bowling.com to order over the Internet, but then it will still need to be drilled to fit your hand.

Answered: Balls with bumps for back pain

This is frustrating because it is not a question and it has no detail of what is wanted. Balls are very effective tools for dealing with back pain and I use a variety of them in my practice. ask a specific question and I will be happy to answer it.
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Why do moth balls affect only moths and do not affect other insects?

Moth balls are deadly to other insects as well, but other insects are not attracted to fabric like moths, that is why they won’t go into closets were moth balls are used to poison moth.

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