What are Lindsay and Sidney Greenbush doing now?

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Answered: Your favorite movie that Sidney Lumet directed?

Sidney Lumet's Prince of the City

Answered: Is Lindsay Becoming a Queen of the Dead?

Can you be Queen of the dumb and Queen of the Dead at the same time??

Answered: Should Lindsay Lohan be in jail?

Lindsey lohan should not only be jailed but sentenced to a term fitting to the average american. The likes of this little spoiled bitch and cyrus's little spoiled brat are setting piss poor examples for americas daughters in their teen years. Let that little rat pay the price for her arrogance and ...

Answered: Will Lindsay Lohan learn from her jail sentence?

I hope she learns from it and afterwards gets more help because she is wasting her talent.
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What should Lindsay do now?

Therapy sounds good to me too. Every time she gets out of trouble she gets right back into trouble. She needs to hang low and stay out of the limelight and out of trouble!

Would you like to see Lindsay Lohan on Glee?

Glee is for professional singers,not inspiring jewel thieves

Lindsay's not 'bankable'

What does bankable even mean? That she can't bring the money? She did it once, she can do it again, if only she'd clean herself up.

Prison or rehab for Lindsay Lohan?

The question says, if she is proven guilty, what should be done with her. I don't think anyone has decided she is guilty here. Most of us have decided that IF she is guilty, she needs more than a slap on the wrist this time.