what are government backed gas rebates?

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Answered: De blasio bulld it back

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Answered: Government-Backed Gas Rebate Checks? I am told ...

I was told on Gumshoe that the rebate checks are from Canada. The Oxford Club is scamming people. Type in Government-Backed Gas Rebate Checks and you will find Gumshoe. Marvadna

Answered: Gas Pump Rebates from Free Zone freezes the price ...

I found the answer here. Thanks! I was sent a link to a local news station report. Rick

Answered: PLEASE help ME get MY Money back

You gotta be a little more specific before anyone could make recommendations.
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I'm not from the area so I'm not sure. Maybe you should contact your local township to find out. Good luck.

Engery conservation rebate program

This web page has the details concerning rebates.

I am having loud & long gas passed, no smell, very embarassing

Certain medications can cause that. Talk to your doctor.

How high was gas under bush?

Try buying diesel. It is a lower grade fuel, there is more of it in a barrel of oil, and it is a lot easier to refine than gas. Truckers and contractors use most of the diesel, so that is why the Dems put such a heavy tax on it, to put people out of work. I had to park it for two years and work ...