what are all the symbols on dashboard warning lights on 2005 dodge durango?

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Answered: Motion light

It's defiant. Take it back and tell them you want one that is compliant.

Answered: My 98 dodge durango back tires lock up..at times ...

Yeah, or could be a busted u-joint which would be a heckuva lot cheaper than an axle. I had similar problems on a 90 suburban and paid over a grand for a junkyard axle installation.

Answered: How to start a small LED lighting plant

You'd better tell us which aspects of LED lighting business you are going to engage in development and production of, either simple assembly of LED lighting products or research and development and production of power or chip or lamp housing or other LED lighting components, most of LED lighting ...

Answered: LED Christmas light trouble

May be you have bought the defective one. One in many are defective ones.

Answered: Why does my dashboard brake light stay on? 1994 gmc

could need fluid do to a leak or you might need brake pads or shoes
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I have a 2006 durango slt the a/c is not cooling ...

i have same problem. there is a problem with heater not a/c. heater control under dash not closing causing heat and a/c to work at same time. check if the rear seats have a/c coming from vents....that is it.


It's a winking smiley face

Where arethe tail light fuse located on a 2005 Dodge Durango

with all the other fuses should be under the dash with a little label that says fuses the fuse that needs to be replaced will also double as dash lights, so if your dash lights are working and your break lights are not then its not the fuse.

2002 corvette abs warning light

I have the same problem in my 2002 with a $3200.00 response from my dealer to replace module, there has got to be a better way