What are 2 examples for macro?

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Answered: How to Move MS Word Macros to New Computer

Lost or forgot Word password with which you can acquire the documents or information stored in the Word file is clearly tricky. You can try Word Password Recovery to recover the lost Word password. This would be helpful.

Answered: Macro Photography???

Africa is a fabulous location for those who want to get into macro photography with its natural beauty and wildlife. The following are some great spots for macro photography in Africa: Kruger National Park Kgalagadi Pilanesberg Etosha Source: http://www.kruger-2-kalahari.com/macro ...

Answered: Embedding Macro in and Excel Workbook

You can either put your macros in Personal.xls which loads up when Excel is started or in the actual book you're working with. To move it out of the Personal.xls open Excel and press Alt-F11 to bring up Visual Basic. On the left you should see the Project window with any open files in. Find ...

Answered: Does anyone know how to write a Macro to add a ...

Try this place: http://www.oclc.org/connexion/support/macros.htm

Answered: Is it possible to set up a macro for my business signature? Is is

Please let me know which AOL product you are using i.e. AOL webmail (http://webmail.aol.com) or AOL software to access aol mail. AOL Webmail : You can create an e-mail signature in the compose settings page in webmail. Please find more details on http://help.aol.com/help/microsites ...

Answered: How do i add macro in excel to button

I assume you want to add a button to the grid (cell) and process an existing macro when you click the button (and you use Office version different from "Office 2007"). Moreover the existing macro looks like this: Private Sub Hello_World() MsgBox "Hello World" End Sub --------------- Steps: 1 ...
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