what appetizers go with bloody marys?

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Answered: Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary was also a character in the musical " South Pacific". She was a native of Tonga who had a beautiful daughter that she tried to marry off to American sailor who occupied the island during WWII. She also found a way to make money off of the service members from a variety of goods/services ...

Answered: What the history of bloody mary?

Here is an extract from Wikipedia: The origin of the Bloody Mary is disputed. Fernand Petiot is said to have invented the drink in 1920 while working at Harry's Bar in Paris, France, a frequent hangout for Ernest Hemingway and other American expatriates. Another story is that it was originally ...

Answered: Bloody Mary- Sin? Or just a game?

i have played bloody mary and just a couple of days ago and we had a huge candle going and we did it.we said her name 13 times and the candle was no where near going out and it went out and we scream and ran otu of the bathroom and we had a cup of water in the bathroom with us and we went back into ...

Answered: Appetizers to go with Chicken Cordon Blu?

Stuffed Mushrooms would be perfect

Answered: I don't need appetizers for a party, but I'd like ...

Apple Caramel Dip and Puff Pastry Appetizers are good for adults and kids.

Answered: What is the problem if a 69 year old man has bloody urine?

Yes, there are too many serious things that it could be. A check with a doctor is a must. It might be as simple as an infection, or it might be cancer. Either way only a doctor can prescribe what is needed.
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Tomatoes and mozzarella: slice the tomatoes place them nicely on a tray place mozzarella slices on top cover them up with olive oil add Basil easy any tasty

Spicy V8 Bloody Mary?

How about just adding horseradish to the concoction. Ive done that and its delicious. Ive never tried the spicy V8, sorry I cant comment on it.

Ever Seen The Virgin Mary in a Tree?

No, and I don't see one here either.

Appetizer Ideas

I like to serve a "shrimp mold recipe". It is my favorite and when my friends come over, they love it, too. It is a tasty appetizer recipe and very simple to cook. See the ingredients: 1 (10.75 ounce) can condensed tomato soup 2 (.25 ounce) envelopes unflavored gelatin 8 Ounces cream cheese 1 ...