what animals vagina closest to humans?

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Answered: Republicans care about animals, Democrats don't.

Another day and hours and hours of answers and comments from the leftist Muslim Atheist poster that nobody has responded too. You would think that this poster would get tired of being laughed at and ignored. How can anyone do nothing but blog every waking minute. It sad that someone has such a ...

Answered: Are humans animals?

We are certainly not plants. Humans belong to the Animal kingdom, Vertebrates, Mammals, Hominids. But some meanings of animal are to distinguish man from other mammals.

Answered: Comedy anime suggestions?

I think the best animation software for kids is Garfield's Comic Boom. Kids can Create comics with Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield. They can draw and add sound, then share your comics with their friends. More information : http://bit.ly/1ndpTKy

Answered: Animator

You should use best animation software Garfield's Comic Boom. You can Create comics with Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield. You can draw and add sound, then share your comics with your friends. More information : http://bit.ly/1ndpTKy

Answered: Animal Humanities

I want to open up my pwn animal humane center

Answered: Science, animals

They get hatched, they grow, sometimes they change shape, and often they are eaten. F. Kafka
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What makes your vagina more wet?

LOTS of foreplay... Fingering, Rubbing/stroking (with fingers of penis), Licking/kissing, And obviously, sex!

Do I feel anything if I ejaculate in the vagina?

If you are having sex use a lubricant. Yes, you will feel something if you ejaculate in the vagina,it's called and orgasm!!

Animal collectors and hoarders.

The reason we call them "dumb animals" is not because they lack intelligence, but because they lack a voice and representation. Put yourself in the animal's place. How would you want to be treated? Do that for the animal. As I think of the precious little animals ask, and the priceless bounty of ...

Heart touching anime.

If you want to see anime with a good story and graphics, I suggest looking for the movies Sprited Away and Princess Monunuke. They are both award winning anime made by Studio Gibhli.