what animals eat cantaloupe in the garden?

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Answered: Prruning cantaloupe vines???

Yes, I agree with rochester. It also applies with melons, and that it applies with any vine growing fruit or vegetable.

Answered: Science, animals

They get hatched, they grow, sometimes they change shape, and often they are eaten. F. Kafka

Answered: I have ants in my garden and I believe that they ...

Vinegar is not useful in getting rid of insects or mites. It will only make the soil a bit more acid, which you want for acid loving crops like tomatoes. I don't know where that leftist fad came from but it is the most certain thing to assure that you suffer crop failure and starvation. Two ...

Answered: Cantaloupe

Perhaps you need to water more? Just a guess.

Answered: Cantaloupe

Only if the season is very short where you live. This is done to direct the vine's energy into ripening the fruit which has already set instead of setting more fruit. http://botanical-journeys-plant-guides.com/growing-honeydew-melons.html PR: wait... I: wait... L: wait... LD: wait ...
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