what animal pulls santas sleigh in australia?

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Answered: Typical animals in australia ?

Some animals develop unique ways to cope. Thorny Devil, a lizard that lives in the Australian desert, is the body that drops of rain channels directly from his mouth when it rains. water-holding frog spends most of the year to below the Australian desert, and develop a sort of cocoon, which can ...

Answered: Naked for Santa

merry xmas from anne vitasek!

Answered: Animal emblem

Kangaroo! They love the kangaroo in Australia (tourists might love it even more though).

Answered: Would it matter to kids whether Santa is true or not?

I never gave my kids any illusions about Santa Claus. However, I told them the real story about Saint Nicholas -- the man who listened to God, provided dowries to indigent young women, sat on the Council of Nicea, and far more. Nicholas' life seems torn from the pages of high adventure stories ...

Answered: Please tell me where Santa is at this time?

Maybe Santa has some doppelgangers. Bubba just came in from the Blue Monkey and told me that he saw Santa is a booth with two elves and a fairy. Bubba spoke to Santa and Santa said that since global warming was a failure, that he and his help needed to get their antifreeze titers up.

Answered: Would you consider moving to Australia? It seems ...

No!....To many damn spiders for me!!....
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Australia's strongest animals

In addition to Kangaroos, you have great white sharks, tazmanian devils and all kinds of snakes

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