what age is considered mature for women?

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Answered: Age Verification Process Not Working

I have the same issue...AOL will still charge my card! That $1.00 fee does drop off, like AOL says, but it still says there is an error and for me to try again later. Why does it take my $1.00 but not complete the process?!

Answered: Maturity in Age and Faith

It sure makes a big difference when one has vested interests such as all religious leaders have!

Answered: Someone has a notion that if they haven't matured enough by age 26 by now

Maturity is in the eye of the beholder. What one views as a mature person, another views as a fool. It varies according to the subject at hand. I personally know fools of all ages>

Answered: How can I be an Emotionally mature women?

The key actually lies in first understanding what emotions are, and how they work. Secondly understanding the purpose and how emotions differ from other parts of the human make-up. For example, emotions are more like water, you can't base any kind of dicision on them because they only serve as a ...

Answered: Grow up or grow down you pick!

I expect she doesn't understand. Obviously, she doesn't speak english. At least not comp[rehensibly.

Answered: What age are you considered a senior?

In many areas people are given Senior discounts as early as 50. I believe with people living longer and many in their 60's look, feel and act like in late 40's or early 50's even the SS will be started at 70 not 62 or 65.
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