what actress is playing margo on revenge in season 3?

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Answered: Is there a way to play MP3s on a TV?

Since your stereo does not have RCA cable connections, you cannot play MP3s on a TV :(

Answered: Can you play a playstation 3 game on playstation 1

No because the PS3 uses Blu-ray and the PS1 is way out dated. It dosen't use Blu-ray.

Answered: Can I play a ps2 game from japan on a ps3?

I think you can.but you can try,good luck to you!

Answered: What ps3 do i need to buy to play my ps2 games on and how do i save ps2

check your ps3 console at this site to see if it is backwards-compatible with ps2 discs. good luck and have fun with your games!

Answered: Will an Aus PS3 play US PS2 games

Unfortunately, I believe the answer is no. The region coding existed for the PS2, so the PS3 would still pick up on previous codings. Sorry.

Answered: Who wom Master Chef Junior on Season three

Nobody "wom" yet. It just started last night. There is more than one episode FYI.
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List of games that don't work with ps3

http://www.ps3comp.com/view.asp There's your list :)

Ok i have just bought an 80gb ps3 hoping it would ...

If your system has 4 USB ports in front of it, it should play most ps2 games. When using a ps3 to play ps2 games you have to have the controller(s) you are using plugged in

Do PS3 Games work on PS2?

well i am geting a ps3 or xbox360 because ps2 games are soon all going to be out in stores. They are not going to sell anymore. So plz tell me guy wich one is better ps3 or xbox 360

How can i save my ps2 games into a memory stick so i could load them into

Insert your memory stick in memory sticker reader then connect to PC. Insert a PS2 Game in DVD-Rom then copy directly to memory stick. You can play PS2 game from memory stick to PS3 console.