what 4wheelers have a pto shaft?

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Answered: Repair drive shaft

Step 1:Support the car on ramps or jackstands for easy access to the bottom of the car. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for either device. Put the car in neutral. Step 2:Locate the rear yoke and mark the end of the drive shaft (hard chrome plated shaft )at the yoke to ensure that the new ...

Answered: Why does my suzuki 700 twin peaks 4 wheeler only run with choke on

It sounds like you are running a real rich fuel-air mix. That happens cause of three things: your carb ain't adjusted for your altitude, you got a plugged air cleaner, or you got a bent linkage. If you need it adjusted for your altitude the best thing you can do is haul it to the dealership and ...

Answered: Can you ride a 4 wheeler in the driveway in TN

I need to collect more information before a answer can be given. Is the drive way GOLD PLATED? or SILVER? Either way... I would not recommend driving anything on it.

Answered: Which ones better a dirt bike or 4 wheeler

Both have specific and unique features, depending on the type of riding you want to do. I personally prefer dirt biking because it is really adventurous. Dirt bikes can be used for a variety of purposes, from an agile on-road bike to a bike for professional or amateur motocross competition ...

Answered: How to handle pto when selling a business?

Paid Time Off is an obligation of the business.
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Sounds like it's time to rebuild or replace the carb. Get a rebuild kit, which is just gaskets and a new neddle valve. Old gas has it all gummed up.

Can shaft rotate in both direction in genertor?

es it can rotate in both direction