what 1930-1940 actor and actresses are still alive?

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Answered: Any actor or actress here?

every career will met risks,it's just a kind of job like teachers,doctors,lawyers and so on.When you want to succuss in one career you must prepared of failure. Do you understand me.

Answered: Favorite Actor or Actress

i like Sharukh khana

Answered: Who do you think is Hollywood's most overpaid actor/actress?

The entire bunch are overpaid and overlaid. Lady Darko

Answered: Secretly rocking actors!

Paul Wesley of The Vampire Diaries

Answered: What is your all time best actor & actress & movie that they each

I also chose Entrapment which stars Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones. This movie really proves that Sean is timeless and Catherine is so versatile. By the way there is also an upcoming movie which leads by two great Hollywood stars Meryl Streep and Steve Martin entitled It's Complicated ...

Answered: First name of Dallas actor Katz

William, if I'm not mistaken. Well known for many other roles aside frpm Dallas.
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