Welfare Liberals

Just look at the liberal posts on this board, they think everything should be free to them. This is what happens when you have 2, 3, generations of government assistance help. Right petey, everything for free.

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It is a sad day in American history when so many want so much for so little work toward their own safety, insurance or what have you.

We have become a nation of "I ain't gonna, I don't wanna and you take care of me."

Now I have had the reality of this sort of mindset thrown into my face daily since I chose to get into the boonies and live in the forest.  These people do not work, never have worked, nor have their families and all they do is take via Disability whilst they drink and drug themselves into oblivion, and they do not intend to change.  They have never voted, do not intend to and will not make an effort to even though they collect food stamps, government assistence you name it and they will slit your throat, spit in your eye or shoot you dead if you mess with their sorry asses.

I never have experienced what I have experienced here, a lax police force, a detective who is not worth my crap, all because they can, they have, they continue to do so and they will.

They already have the commuter RV that comes to the area with the docs to look them over, free pills, boy howdy you oughta see what we found in information related to free drugs in an abandoned trailor along with needles, free surgery, free everything what the hell we need frikken Obamacare for?  Now the stupid backsides will have the IRS comin after them to get tax money.......................Topsey Turvey and just plain insane and it will come down to Revolution and the world is watching.

Lady Darko

The lines are drawn in the sand, the American people are alive and awake, well most anyway. Kick it and call names, Let the Freedom Ring

hey milky...show me where I've said everything should be for free...

When you sign up for private health care they pool you with a bunch of other people to mitigate risk because their cost tables are built on large population averages. The more people, the less risk. They increase profits by negating the riskier people and just insuring the healthy. So much so that insurance is maybe the largest enterprise in the country. So they don't exactly struggle. The federal healthcare system is the same thing, but is just a larger pool of people...everyone. The benefit is that people born with ailments can still get insured. I come from upper mid class family, and we almost went broke when my step mom, even with a job at IBM and insurance, cost nearly a million dollars to battle 5 years of cervical cancer. My dad made it back by risky day trading of stocks, but most people would have been crippled for life with those kinds of bills. How well could you afford a million dollar medical expense liberalgirlieman?

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