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I bought a SolidOx welder at a yardsale and I want to know if anyone can tell me how to use it . Thanks

I bought a SolidOx welder at a yardsale and I want to know if anyone can tell me how to use it .  Thanks

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i had one of these over thirty years ago and did a lot of small jobs with it.the first thing you need are the sollid oxogen pellets,i have not seen these for sale in a store for at least twenty years.if you find the pellets ,the first step is tolight the oxogen pellet with a match,then put it quikly into the metal container and close the top.now turn on the propane and light the flame,quikly adjust the flame to use it. the oxogen runs out quikly.the product works best for brazing.

i have 2 containers of solid ox pellets. please contact me at darlschewe@yahoo.com

I have the full kit from Sears as well as a full new box of oxygen pellets. Contact me at ibmsuzanne@yahoo.com

I also have a SolidOx "welder" which uses propane or mapp, and pellets that give off excess oxygen somehow when they burn. 

I have several containers of solidox sticks I am not using. what are they worth?  jcronin913@aol.com

Solidox?  That pile of junk?  Man, the ONLY thing I'd do with that mess is crush the metal parts and put the cannisters in the HAZMAT recycle.  That messy thing is sloppy, makes a VERY poor weld, cuts rough (if at all) and is just plain unsafe.


Pitch that stupid thing and get the two basic tools for welding if you don't weld all that much: an oxyacetylene cutting rig and a 230-amp buzz box.  Keep a couple of 10-lb 10A/2B-C fire extinguishers near the rig. 


It ain't a professional rig, but at least it won't blow sky high on you!



You know your friends by what they do FOR you. You know your enemies by what they do TO you.

Hello, well you light one end of the solidox stick like you would a cigar,when it looks like it's burning on its own you place it in the canister smoldering end down,that is the canister  that does not contain the fitting for your gas bottle .You then turn on your gas bottle and adjust it ,the smoldering pellet will  give oxygen and pressure to your gas making it hotter .You then are on yor own.I give this information with no liability,it is the best of my knowledge ,and the materials used ,dangerous and even explosive,so i disclaim be carefull because its an inefficient science .Gianfranco fronzi/sault/ canada/sept./5/2010

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