Weirdest Christmas present

What was the most weird Christmas present you have ever got or bought for someone?

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My Grandma gave me underwear with santa hats on it one year. That was really weird. Who wants to wear underwear that their grandma bought them? As cool as santa hats can be!

I bought a friend of mine a dildo!

The weirdest present i ever got was a diamond ring.  My then boyfriend wanted to marry me, but i just couldn't marry him, so i sold the ring and kicked him out!!  I'm not mean, but he was a cop and too bossy for me!

My first boyfriend ever didn't know what to buy me, so he had his mom pick something up. She ended buying me this bright fire-engine red lipstick with matching nail polish set, it was awful.

"The Only Way to Get Smarter is by Playing a Smarter Opponent"

A deodorant for mi brother

Haha.. Of course it was a joke.. Them i gave him a sweater

Perhaps the weirdest -- and most useful -- present I ever got for Christmas was a set of 15 CD's that comprised a friend's paper on Dimensional Mechanics. 

That came from a retired MIT professor who went to work for me, watching my heavy equipment lot from his wheelchair.  I was flattered that Dr. Guenther wanted to do something so simple, as he spent month after month clattering on my computer system that I used for architectural work.

I had long been interested in physics, but had to drop out after I suffered a nasty and long-running hassle with an atheist whose name will not appear here.  He bounced me out of my physics major and put me into architecture.  Even then, there were so few openings for architects that I wound up in general contracting.

Dr. Guenther passed on.  We were horrified.  He left me those 15 CD's -- his greatest theoretical work.  If he had been an atheist, he might have copped a Nobel Prize for that work.  Alas, rational persons never get Nobels.

I loaded the CD's and took five months of my off time to figure out what that lunatic was saying.  At first, it made no sense at all.  Non-Euclidean equations in a 36-dimensional to 9-dimensional format that seemed at first preposterous.  Then, a little at a time, what Dr. Guenther said started making sense. 

Either that or I was going as crazy as he said he was.  He was as crazy as a fox if you get my drift.

I had to drag out my old math books and revive my ability to run mind-numbing equations with multiple, fractional, and compound infinities -- cusswords to scientists. 

Then I knew he was definitely onto something.  I went back to college -- for physics this time -- and ground my way through to a Ph.D., that put me in the job I have today. I decline to say what it is: it is classified.  But it is important, even if it is extremely dangerous.  If I lay my life down doing this, it is no great deal.

My family knows why.  They will not tell, either.

Perhaps the weirdest gift anyone can give is the passion for learning: you never know where it will lead you.  I still get wet spots around my eyes, thinking about that gift.

Curse or blessing, I pray to God that you get it too.

Even light will bend to do our bidding if we apply force correctly. The lowest servant in Heaven is still in Heaven, whoever rules in hell is still in hell, but they won't rule for long. No man stands taller than when he stoops to help a little child.

i remember when i was 8 years old, someone gave me a broken yoyo, it made me cry LOL, but my mother gave me a wristbands for replacement.

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