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Weird son mother relationship

I was just wondering if anyone has been through this before and how they handled it. My husband is a good man,father, and all around good person but his relationship with his mother seems a little strange to me, he is constantly calling her,sometimes refers to her a mommy,holds her hand in public and on several different occasions one when we were in public with my parents having dinner  people were staring because he focused all attention on his mother making it a point to sit with her at the table and holding her hand, I felt as if he was on a date with her and from the looks we were receiving I think other people thought that to. He caters to her every need and rushes me through visits with my family so that we can go to her house (we live in the next state from them all). Does anyone have any advice for me my husband is in his forties and is not an only child nor the only boy....Is it just me or is this weird, he also baby talks to her, and now I am noticing he is doing the same thing to his two kids who are 11-14 (girl and boy).

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Hi meme,

    You need to talk to your husband and let him know how you feel about the way he treats his mother.  Just say it the way you relate it here.  Tell him that you are aware that he loves his mother a lot.  Communication between you too is very important.  If he won't give you the satisfactory answers, then you need to suggest for you both to consult a marriage counselor, a third  neutal party who will listen to both your views.

     I hope that you will understand him better after your open communication with him.

Be honest and be true to yourself.

I have spoke with him about this and he only gets defensive, and this is literally the only time he acts that way.

I do not know if you solved your problem, but I understand you very good. I have the same experience, but my ex boyfriend was very nasty with me every single time when he talked with his mother...long story...

Anyway here is something you maybe could find answers on your questions (I am sure you have a lot of them): http://www.soulwork.net/sw_articles_eng/little_prince.htm

Good luck, and be strong.


I had previously dated a man who literally would watch his mother use the bathroom, he was 20.  He would constantly explain to me how i wasn't as important as his mother and how he wasn't comfortable around me.  It was definitely a recipe for disaster. (not to mention he would use the bathroom around her omg ewwww) Eventually, we broke up because I couldn't handle it anymore and we were fighting constantly about it.  He wouldn't change any of his behavior for me. But as for you, I would try talking with him about it.  If he cares even the slightest about you, he will respect your wishes and keep it casual with his mother.  If he puts up a fight in any way, then I wouldn't hesitate to talk to a counselor and see what they have to say about this whole ordeal.  I wish you all the luck and I definitely know how you feel.

He is a mama's boy. Look in up on Wikipedia.

My boyfriend is 36 and he puts his own mother before anyone else. Their relationship is borderline creepy. He lost his own house and moved back in with his parents. She watches him get out of the shower and he is more than comfortable to walk around in front of her in his underwear. He is not an only child, nor the only boy - he is the eldest though. She washes their underwear and the brothers all wear the same ones. I have tried to discourage this behaviour by buying him at least 12 pairs of his own and have told him wearing the same underwear as your brother is sick and weird. It has not done any good. Everything his mother says is gospel. His mother is a crackpot with little to no education. She believes that almost every snake-oil selling loser on any infomercial is more qualified than any doctor. Please note that I am not knocking accredited natropaths out there - I'm just making a point. Anything this woman says is true to him and he will repeat her words like a trained parrot. He recently bought me some plants for my house and she took them - yes she did - for herself, knowing they were for me. It's like he's romancing her and not me. I can't say anything bad about her - he gets so defensive.

You are married and your situation seems fixable - because he married you and chose you. He probably has a milder case of being a mama's boy. Be careful how you approach this subject - he may get defensive.This is one of the main reasons that my boyfriend and I fight so much - but in our case his mother is always deliberately putting herself in the middlea and of course he lets her.


It seems as though she is also engaging him in this behavior. There is underlying competition toward you by her. I think you should point out to him his forst Role now is a husband and father and that you are proud and love him for being a Man. Let him know you notice this behavior as hurtful to his sense of self and dignity. ( baby talk etc..) Let him know it takes away from who he has grown into and ribs him of the now- almost regressing to childhood. I might also talk with her if it gets really bad. My story is far worse and very similar- this is a tough one! CM

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