What does a week old kitten look like?

Are these kittens really 1 week old? Don't they have too much fur for this age?


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what i remember about seeing kittens born they have hair. but the kittens in the photos they look older then a week but i can be wrong.



Is there a speling mistake here ?

Maybe the question is "What does a weak old kitten look like?" 

 If one wants to know what a kitten of any age looks like one would need to know the breed.

Also you could look at photos of the parents at the same age and draw conclusions as to what the offspring would look like.

I would go to a pet shot and see what they had in stock for comparison.

It seems like a pointless question 

They seem about a week and a half, but there are some breeds that are borne slightly bigger.  Here is a good way to know , just compare the pictures with other pictures of one week old kittens .


I'm sure that those are kitten is 1 week old because only after 8-10 days the kittens opens their eyes.

in the pictures u can see that their eyes are closed. 

When they are 1 week old it depends on what kind of kittens they are to have a little fur or a lot of fur.They are still so very cute i have two 9 week old kittens that dont have that much fur they are tabbies at least thats what the owner says. I hope i answered ur question.

well i have 5 kittens that are 2 weeks old and they look like mine. but how you can tell if they are older than a week is.. are there eyes open? mine opened there's at a week old.

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