What would you think of a stranger who went to ...

What would you think of a stranger who went to someone's wedding reception to have a few snacks?

You see, when I was riding my bike around, I looked inside the Alumni Center and saw some activity inside. I then went in some set of doors and found out that a wedding reception for a pair of college students (graduates?) was going on. I got to get some hearty snacks from various places around, and even got some kind of light alcoholic drink. (Started with a "B," I think, and wasn't a Bacardi.)

Thankfully, nobody noticed that I was out of place and that I was a total stranger.

I left a guest-signing entry that said,

Hey, I'm just a stranger passin' through who saw a lot goin' on through a window while on my bike so I decided to come in and help myself. Thanks for the free snacks, man. Sincerely, egaonogenki (-at-) gmail.com

(I didn't write the "@" like that; it's to keep spambots from shelling my inbox.)

Now deep down, I have a gut feeling that this may have been wrong somehow, but I'm so short on cash, only having $32.60 across all three of my bank accounts to the end of the month, that I needed to take whatever opportunity I reasonably could to feed myself.

Anywho, I got out of there quietly when I decided that I had enough snacks, so they were all none-the-wiser during that time.

Now, what did you think of that act? If you were the newlyweds or the coordinators of this reception, and found my email on that guestbook, how would you respond to that email?

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If we were the newlyweds and if we would have even SAW you nibbling away, we both would have came up to you, introduced ourselves, and welcomed you with open arms. There would have been no reason for you to sign a guest book OR any reason for you to feel bad. And you would have walled away gaining two new friends.


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